About us


Our Story starts in 2013 when Enrico Jr. wanted to move to the UK for a new work experience at the age of 18. Due to his young age, he didn’t know where to start from, so he got in touch with his ‘never met before’ Cousin Luca, who moved to England in November 1996, whom at this point was holding a high position for a big chain of Restaurants. Luca was initially reluctant to help Enrico Jr. come to England, having had bad experiences in the past with other people, but with a little pushing he gave up and decided to help. Enrico Jr. took the flight in October 2013 and landed at London Stansted. With lots of emotions going on the adventure begins Luca and Enrico Jr. met for the first time and the day after Enrico Jr. starts his Kitchen Porter job in a Restaurant in Basildon.

With time going by, Luca and Enrico Jr. don’t see each other for a while, the future holds big things for them, but they don’t know it just yet. In the following years many things happened, Mamma Sabrina and Papa’ Enrico Sr. moved to England to join Enrico Jr. as he is an only child. Luca left the Restaurant chain he was working for and went back to Italy to open a new chain of Sushi Restaurants. In 2019 Enrico Jr., Papa’ Enrico Sr. and Mamma Sabrina find the perfect place to open a Restaurant. Here is where Monti Ristorante Italiano was born. In 2020 Luca came back to England for a short holiday, so he went to see the Enrico’s and Sabrina, to say hi, but while talking, we came out with so many business ideas, and noticed a lot of connection between the four of us.

Luca decided to stay with us and start a new business. With the four of us together a generational experience in the Hospitality Business, our family was ready to make a further step in our lives. So during the first lockdown in 2020, while we were getting really bored only doing takeaways in our first restaurant Monti Ristorante Italiano, we decided to learn the art of Sausage making. After a long period of studying the best way to make them and cook them, we bought our first sausage maker a meat mincer and a Sous Vide, so we could bring our ideas to life.

Our first tests were a right disaster, some sausages would come out perfect, some others would break while making, some were not filled enough, there was no consistency, which made us realise we had to start again from step one, back on the books, as we were making a mistake somewhere. So we studied more, we made more sausages, and after 5 months of going back and forward, we found the perfect recipe, the sausages where finally looking great, but most importantly they tasted incredibly good. The slow cooking technique with the sous vide was doing the most important part, keeping the sausages juicy and always cooked to perfection, without ever making a mistake, to bring all the time to your table a perfectly executed dish. But we didn’t want to stop there, to bring a new concept just sausages were not enough, and we wanted to take it up not 1, but 2 levels, so we hired an Executive Chef listed on the Michelin Guide, and ask him to put together Gourmet Panini’s, Burgers and Main Courses that have never been seen before, with matching sauces that will drive you through an incredible experience of flavours. At this point it was all in place, a great menu, great ideas, and lots of will to work, we only needed to find a venue to share our ideas, and being Italian we obviously had to do things in BIG, as you can see from our first store situated in 18/20 Southchurch Road, Southend on Sea.

We are proudly the first ever slow cooking fast food Italian Restaurant in the world, but not only that, we are also an Italian Grocery Shop, a Takeaway and a Cocktail Bar, working with the best ingredients available on the market, and most importantly locally supplied, Dis is because there is an amazing story behind each and everyone of us.